Drawn in by romance,
Consumed by corruption,
Obsessed with the make believe...
Started writing.

An elite society. Double identities.

All is not as it seems in...




A new adult, forbidden romance with
double identities, betrayal and angst.

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Genre: Forbidden Romance, New Adult
Release Date: November, 12th 2021
Series: The London Elite, Book #1


An elite society. Double identities.

Weeks of pure indulgence, conservative parties, and expensive alcohol—all for her to mix with London's elite society and repair her family’s tarnished reputation. Educated, elegant, Bethany Dalton is heading for a summertime ‘retreat’ that her parents are forcing her to attend.

With his enticing green eyes and rebellious tattoos, Alexander Edwardson is exactly what Bethany needs to avoid in order to succeed. Known for his playboy ways and lothario reputation, Alex can’t keep his eyes off Bethany as soon as she steps into the ballroom. He’s completely distracted by the return of his childhood friend and desperate to make her his for the night.

His persistence is the start of an intense, desire-filled relationship, and Bethany soon finds herself far more wrapped up in his world than she was ever supposed to be.

Except she isn’t Bethany.

With her secret hanging over her, and their time ticking away...
what will happen when the truth is finally exposed?

Or is it deceit that really brings two people together within this elite society?

After all, it's not only the underprivileged who have secrets to hide.

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Twenty songs carefully selected for this forbidden romance, new adult debut novel.

In Flames - Digital Daggers
I Don't Know My Name - Cece DeVille
Gods & Monsters - Lana Del Rey
Dangerous Game - Klergy, Beginners
Game of Survival - Ruelle
Empire - Beth Crowley
Control - Halsey
& 12 more...


Bethany Dalton was an enigma. One that a girl like me should never have dared to underestimate.

I crashed into her when I was only twenty-one as I ran home from work in the freezing English rain. She was standing underneath a Moschino embellished umbrella, her snow-white coat clean and untouched by the water. Her dark-red leather stilettos were a stark contrast to the otherwise dreary day, somehow withstanding the harsh weather as the droplets ran straight off the side onto the dirty ground.

Outside of work, I’d never even dared to wear heels that high. Instead, my own battered black trainers were sodden; my socks drenched and brown coat soaked. My mother had taken the only umbrella we owned that morning, leaving me with nothing but my tiny black bag to try and shield myself from the harsh weather. It had, understandably, failed miserably.

I stumbled backward when we collided. Her gaze instantly lifted from the ground, giving me a view of her full red lips as they parted. She let out a small gasp as her own feet wobbled.

‘I-I’m so sorry,’ I stammered before she looked me in the eye. Her blue gaze mirrored my own, and she gave me a small smile.

‘I should have been watching where I was going,’ I continued, babbling as the rain streaked down my face, blurring my vision. I blinked like crazy in a vain attempt to keep the water from seeping into my eyes.

‘It’s an awful day,’ she replied, her voice calm and innocent. Her accent gave her away, and I instantly knew that she wasn’t from this part of London – she almost certainly lived in a borough with tall white town houses that cost five hundred years’ worth of my salary.

‘It is,’ I agreed, nodding. ‘I’m still sorry.’

‘Come with me,’ she offered, gesturing in front of her. There was a sleek black car parked beside the pavement and I shook my head. ‘Let me give you a ride home.’

‘I couldn’t—’

‘Nonsense.’ She laughed, throwing her head back and letting her glossy chestnut hair fall over her shoulders. I was mesmerised by the sight, knowing that my own dull bedraggled brown strands were the complete opposite. ‘I insist.’

For some unknown reason – maybe it was the rain or maybe the pure intrigue this girl exuded – I got into the car and let her drive me home.
I had no idea why she ever picked up a poor, drowned-looking girl off the street, but from then on Bethany would text me every week to check in and ask how I was. After six months, she finally invited me out for drinks, disregarding my request for a cheap pub and dragging me into a high-end cocktail bar, insisting on paying for every last drink.

From there, our friendship spiralled – drinks every other Sunday and dinner every three Wednesdays. She would FaceTime me to ask which outfit she should wear to every event she attended and every club she partied in. In return, I would message her to find out what fancy words meant whenever they cropped up in one of the books I enjoyed reading.

Eventually, in the summer I turned twenty-three, Bethany insisted on treating me to a holiday. Despite her being someone you never dared say no to, I tried. Following persistent begging and my numerous, futile attempts to shoot her down, I finally gave in, and she flew both of us to Lanzarote for two weeks of luxury and pure indulgence.

It was absolutely insane, the first holiday I’d ever gone on – forever ingrained in my mind. I roamed the hotel behind Bethany, watching the way she swanned around the resort, demanding this and that from every employee, leaving me absolutely speechless before she’d flash one of her pearly-white smiles and hand me a drink.

I was in absolute awe of the power Bethany possessed, drawing all the attention in a room and making herself the centre of attention without even trying. Every man ogled her; every woman stared. They couldn’t help it. She’d turn up every day in a brand-new outfit, something I’d never seen before, yet obviously expensive.

I never knew much about her background. Her parents stayed in Mayfair when they were in London, but she avoided them as much as possible. They would beg her to join them at various dinners with numerous wealthy families. Apparently, it was extremely important for Bethany to do, given that her sister Katherine had tainted the family with an apparent scandal years before, though Bethany refused to go into any further detail on the subject.

Bethany only ever joined her parents when they returned to their country home in Hampshire for the winter, when London was at its most dreary. Even then, she never engaged with anyone her parents wanted her to meet. Instead, if they had guests around, Bethany would stay somewhere else.

She always bragged about how genius she was at avoiding the English elite, steering clear and not letting anyone from her childhood find her.

I never quite knew why it was so important to her.

As far as I could tell, Bethany loved the money and the luxury, but spending time with anyone similar appalled her; she preferred to spend her time with people ‘like me.’ However, bizarrely, she never introduced me to anyone else – it was always just her and I. She made me feel like someone who mattered, like I wasn’t just an idiot from the lower classes. She laughed at my jokes and encouraged me to give her more, begging me to tell her everything about my life.

I fell for every word – hook, line and sinker – happily divulging every secret and explaining my entire life in great detail. I bathed in the cocktails, soaked up the expensive creams she bought me for my twenty-fourth birthday, and enjoyed the company of the gorgeous, perfect brunette.
She was the first best friend I had ever had, one who literally made me feel like I was living out Gossip Girl in the flesh. Minus the drama of course.

I had no idea what was coming my way.

Bethany Dalton was an enigma. And I underestimated her, and her devious ways, more than Warner Huntington III did Elle Woods.


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The Test of time

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All she wants is to be able to earn enough money to be able to go to her dream college and make her parents proud, all whilst staying as far away from trouble as possible.

Money is no object to Brett Winters. He's an arrogant, cocky footballer with the looks to match, a guy who quickly sets his sights on the mysterious, stubborn blonde who has no interest in the world that he is about to pull her into.

Over the years they attempt to resist the undying attraction between them, ignoring the urges that pull them together, using their every mistake to barricade themselves away from each other. After all, desire is only skin deep... right?


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A Test of Time spin off

Becky Gordon has no time for men.

Although, she does tolerate some hours with them; non-stop one night stands, one time excursions in the gym locker rooms, swift daytime quickies.

She's always been the same, ever since high school. Only once has she ever considered the possibility of something more, but that idea blew up in her face, proving to her that she's better off alone.

Yet years later, the very man who made her doubt everything is back, catapulting into her life like never before. He's determined to make things right and won't take no for an answer.

She can't deny the things he makes her feel, their similar humor and quick wit, the lust that pulses through her at the mere sight of him. But she's resisted his womanizer ways since high school, and what's really changed since then? Can Becky continue to resist Ellis Wakefield? Or does having a little bit of perseverance really pay off?

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tethered north


A war that destroyed the world. It came and it went, leaving death and chaos in its wake.
In the resulting turmoil England has split into four regions, a safety measure that was 'essential' to ensure that violence would not reign over the new world.

The world as they know it has been wiped away, but there's only so much pressure you can apply to someone's throat before they snap.


Zac and Emilia are in the North.

Forced into jobs and ordered into arranged marriages, Emilia's happy memories of her family are long gone, instead replaced by immense fear of the Enforcers who patrol the streets, the State who dictate the rules and the growing lust for her husband, Zac.

As the cruelty heightens, so does any tolerance for the State. Tortured one too many times, Emilia meets a group determined to bring the State down; the aptly named Resistance. Taking matters into their own hands, they launch themselves into a flurry of guerrilla warfare, completely unaware of what lies in store for them.

Will Emilia's desire for Zac get in the way of their goal? Can they figure out a way to work together? Is the State ready to fall, or is this only the beginning?

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A war that destroyed the world. It came and it went, leaving death and chaos in its wake.
In the resulting turmoil England has split into four regions, a safety measure that was 'essential' to ensure that violence would not reign over the new world.

The world as they know it has been wiped away, but there's only so much pressure you can apply to someone's throat before they snap.


Emilia has travelled to the South.

The group is alone and lost, unsure whether Zac is even alive. With no choice left but to attempt to travel down to London, they're faced with the pure brutality of the South and the savages that roam the land, killing everything in their path.

Upon reaching London, there seems that hope may exist in the form of a small community of people that have banded together, determined to bring the wall down once and for all.

Will Zac and Emilia find one another? Is London truly the key to ending the madness and the State's power back in the North? Will the wall ever come crumbling down?

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A tragic year leads Lara right back to her hometown to spend the festive season with her family. The small town hasn't changed, just as Lara always knew it wouldn't.

And with the never changing town comes Jax, the badboy who stole Lara's heart at Christmas back when they were eighteen. The reunion that Lara was dreading comes sooner than she expects, throwing her back into the adventurous, daring Jax's life once more.

Will Lara give back in to his captivating ways? Can she resist the lust she feels for the man? Will she manage to escape the town again? After all, there are a lot of similarities between that Christmas, and this Christmas.


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Jessica Lou is an Author of New Adult Romance.

Growing up in the English countryside, Jessica has enjoyed reading from a very young age.

Looking for some free romance stories when she was at university, she ended up finding Wattpad and descending back down the rabbit hole of make believe worlds.

Two years later, she worked up the courage to publish her own, rough first drafts onto Wattpad.

Now, following a crazy, unimaginable amount of support for her stories, she's working towards self-publishing her first novel.


The best way to reach Jessica is to contact her through the below social media accounts.

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